A Unique Thermoplastic Material for Creating Rigid Custom Trays

The Easy Tray system is fast, clean and order-free and saves you from the mixing, mess and smell of fabricating acrylic trays. Just soften the thermoplastic material in hot water (>170°) for less than a minute, then mold it directly in the mouth of the patient or on a model. Place the molded Easy Tray under cold running water for 30 seconds - remove the spacer and your tray is ready.

Easy Tray gives you more while using less. Easy Tray forms a rigid and dimensionally stable tray that is accurate as custom acrylic trays. Plus, Easy Tray uses 2/3 less material than a stock tray in a full arch impression and even uses less than a quadrant dual arch tray. Using less impression material can mean more comfort and less gagging for your patients and a better overall dental experience. Easy Tray makes it possible for the laboratory to pour up a fully supported impression and fabricate consistently precise dies.

Labs love Easy Tray because it helps eliminate make overs.