Can Easytray be Border Molded?


Can Easytray be trimmed with an Acrylic Bur?

Yes - use a light touch.

Can holes be drilled through this material?

Yes, with a #4 - #6 round bur.

Can Easytray wafers be trimmed with scissors?

The Easytray wafers can be cut with scissors after the wafers have been softened in the hot water bath. Easytray Uppers wafers can be cut with scissors even in their pre-softened state.

What is the dimensional stability?


What is the composition of Easytray?

These products are thermoplastic materials. Thermoplastic materials undergo a physical change and become soft and pliable upon heating. Upon cooling, they return to a hard, firm state.

What is the thickness of the Easytray Uppers?

1.5 mm

Will hot tap water soften Easytray adequately?

No, tap water reaches only about 140°F. The water must be over 170°F for Easytray to work effectively.

Will boiling water adversely affect Easytray?

No, Easytray can be placed in boiling water indefinitely without adversely affecting the product.

After softening Easytray in the hot water bath is the material too hot to place in the mouth?

No, the surface temperature cools quickly and yet it retains its moldability for several minutes.

What can be done if the Easytray material begins to harden before the custom tray fabrication is complete?

Simply reheat the tray material in the hot water bath for a few seconds and the material will once again be soft and moldable.

Q. What is the setting time for Easytray?

Unlike the autopolymerizing acrylic materials, the thermoplastic Easytray material does not undergo a chemical reaction and does not cure. The material sets to its hardened form upon cooling. At room temperature this requires about three minutes. Under cold water just a few seconds are required. Once the material has cooled, there is no further dimensional change.

Q. Can two pieces of Easytray or two pieces of Easy Base be molded together as one?

Yes, when heated to the moldable state, these materials will adhere to each other as one piece.

Q. What can be done with excess tray material?

Since it adheres to itself, excess material can be rolled back onto the arch portions of the custom tray or the excess can be trimmed with scissors and saved to fabricate additiona trays.

Q. What spacer material should be used?

Any of the frequently used spacer materials, such as wet tissue or waxes, can be utilized.

Q. How can the edges of the custom tray or base plate be smoothed?

Just immerse the edges in the hot water batr for a few seconds, remove and smooth with your fingers.

Q. Do these materials have memory?

Once formed into the desired shape and cooled, these materials exhibit no memory and will not revert to the original shape.

Q. What is the shelf life of these materials?


Q. Will East Tray or Easy Base adhere to models?

No, they will not stick to the models and no separator material is required. NOTE: Easy Base will not adhere to or be absorbed by the cast even when overprocessing occurs.

Q. Does Easytray work with all tray adhesives?

Yes. Please use the appropriate adhesive recommended by the manufacturer of the impression material being used.