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Dental Impression: Here is a technique that may help you take better dental impressions. Posted on 9 Dec 08:07

Purchase a bottle of 25% Aluminum Chloride.
Place a few drops in a dappen dish.
Before you start with a crown prep of anything you will take an impression of or digitize, wipe the gingival tissue with a micro brush soaked in the solution.
Do this several times during your prepping, rinsing after application.
Two things happen:
Bleeding is much less, if at all. It also seems to relax the tissue making it easier to prep the tooth.
Most of the time, I did not have to pack cord to take the impression. This eliminated having to place pastes with AlCh in them, such as Expasyl or Traxodent, around the tooth.
That saves you $4 to $8.
When I did have excess bleeding, I would place some of these products over the area with an instrument, not suing the syringe as this wasted material. Let it set for about 2 minutes and then rinse the area. Bleeding will stop. Pack cord if you wish, you will get a great impression.

What is Easy Tray Dental?

A Unique Thermoplastic Material for Creating Rigid Custom Trays
The Easy Tray system is fast, clean and order-free and saves you from the mixing, mess and smell of fabricating acrylic trays. Just soften the thermoplastic material in hot water (>170°) for less than a minute, then mold it directly in the mouth of the patient or on a model. Place the molded Easy Tray under cold running water for 30 seconds - remove the spacer and your tray is ready.
Easy Tray gives you more while using less. Easy Tray forms a rigid and dimensionally stable tray that is accurate as custom acrylic trays. Plus, Easy Tray uses 2/3 less material than a stock tray in a full arch impression and even uses less than a quadrant dual arch tray. Using less impression material can mean more comfort and less gagging for your patients and a better overall dental experience. Easy Tray makes it possible for the laboratory to pour up a fully supported impression and fabricate consistently precise dies.

Labs love Easy Tray because it helps eliminate make overs.

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