Easy Tray gives you more while using less Posted on 29 Jan 13:08

Easy Tray forms a rigid and dimensionally stable tray that is as accurate as custom acrylic trays. Plus, Easy Tray uses 2/3 less material than a stock tray in a full arch impression and even uses less than a quadrant dual arch tray! Using less impression material can mean more comfort and less gagging for your patients and a better overall dental experience. Easytray makes it possible for the laboratory to pour up a fully supported impression and fabricate consistently precise dies.

Clinicians use Easy Tray as a way to:

  • Create impression trays, denture trays or bite registrations
  • Form a matrix for temporary crowns
  • Protect adjacent teeth during extraction
  • Provide a fulcrum when removing root tips
  • Take records in partial denture cases
  • Cover bone graft donor sites
  • Take full orthodontic bite registrations