Custom Impression Tray Fabrication for Lower Denture Application

Prepare a preliminary model of the edentulous arch.

Soften Easy Tray wafer in thermal unit/hot pot by immersing in water for at least 30 seconds. Water temperature must be 170°F (77°C) or hotter.

Optional step: If space for impression material is desired, spacer material of proper thickness, i.e., base plate wax, should be adapted to preliminary model while Easy Tray is softening in water bath.

Deep undercuts should be waxed out.

Using tongs, remove Easy Tray wafer from water bath and roll softened tray material into a tube shape.

Starting at posterior of one side, firmly adapt to preliminary model over spacer material and continue to other side.

Excess material can be cut off with scissors.

If the Easy Tray material begins to set before adaptation has been completed, simply remove the the Easy Tray material from the model and immerse in hot water bath for a few seconds. Remove and reform tray material to the model.

Handle is formed by squeezing excess material in anterior.  For larger handles excess material can be added to the tray.

Place custom tray, while still in place on the study model, under cold tap water until hard about 30-60 seconds.

Easy Tray is now dimensionally stable and ready to use.

Remove tray from model.  Rough edges can be removed by shaving lightly with an acrylic bur, or by heating edges of tray in hot water bath and smoothing with a finger.

NOTE: The tray is now ready to border mold.