Custom Impression Tray Fabrication for Crown
and Bridge Application

Prepare a study model.

Soften Easy Tray wafer in thermal unit/hot pot by immersing in water for at least 30 seconds. Water temperature must be 170°F (77°C) or hotter.

While Easy Tray is softening in hot water, adapt spacer material to study model. Spacer material should ideally be 2.0 mm in thickness.

NOTE: We recommend using wet kleenex tissue as a spacer.

Using tongs, remove Easy Tray wafer from water and mold it around the spacer material.

Pinch Easy Tray material anteriorly to form a custom tray handle. Excess tray material should be rolled back onto the tray to add strength as the Easy Tray material adheres readily to itself in its softened state.

If tray material begins to set, immerse edges in hot water bath for a few seconds and then continue to mold and shape the custom tray.

Place custom tray, while still in place on the study model, under cold tap water until hard about 30-60 seconds.

Remove spacer material and dry custom tray with air syringe.

Easy Tray is now dimensionally stable and ready to use.


  • Easy Tray can be used with any impression material that requires application of an adhesive to the custom tray prior to use.
  • Use the adhesive recommended by the manufacturer of the impression material.
  • Save all excess Easy Tray material as it adheres readily to itself in a soften stage and can be used for other applications.